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Meet The Teachers



Arabic Coordinator

I'm Nagham, a Jerusalemite born in the Auguste Victoria Hospital in East Jerusalem. Being a Jerusalemite, an Arab, and a Muslim has shaped my life in ways I didn't choose for myself; I only realized this in recent years and it's exactly what occupies me every day and every night. I started teaching spoken Arabic at TINAU in April 2018 and it was the best thing I ever did in my life. Today, I am also a teacher and pedagogical coordinator of the Arabic language at TINAU. In addition, I coordinate an intellectual program for young people from East Jerusalem at the Van Leer Institute. I really love what I do there, but it also brings me back to places I have tried to leave behind, and can be quite challenging. I have a bachelor's degree in linguistics and Middle Eastern studies, but I'm interested in much more than just those two fields. I love to do Palestinian embroidery (I haven't succeeded in embroidering on clothing yet, but I really plan to get there), growing plants and flowers, cooking, learning new crafts, and learning languages. In short, if anyone wants to give me a gift, take me to a workshop for something I haven't done before! I have a lot of dreams and I try every day to achieve something from them, really every day. One of my dreams is to open a shop/workshop center for creating and selling household items (I'll keep the rest to myself). I like to teach through songs and activities. I also really like to create discussions in class! I love everything about TINAU. I love the supportive environment, the good people, the diversity of students, and the radicalism of TINAU.


Aya Gazawi Faour

Arabic Teacher

I’m a Palestinian artist living in Tel Aviv in the part built on the ruins of Salama village. I like nature & all creatures. While teaching, I use a hybrid teaching approach that combines traditional methods with innovative techniques. I like to keep my classes engaging and interactive, incorporating multimedia tools to make the learning experience more enjoyable for my students. I believe in creating a welcoming and inclusive environment in my classes. I encourage my students to share their own experiences and perspectives, creating a space where we can all learn from each other. Overall, my teaching style reflects my values. I strive to make learning a fun and engaging experience for my students, while also fostering a deeper appreciation for the language and culture that I teach. My favorite part of the job is the people I get to meet, teach and work with.

Gal_Levy_025 copy - Gal Levy.jpeg

Gal Levy

Hebrew Teacher

I am teaching and researching at the Open University of Israel on citizenship, ethnicity and politics. I am a great fan of TINAU and was so happy to be accepted not only as a student for Arabic (it's an ongoing process) but also as a teacher for advanced Hebrew students. I'm also an activist and I research and write about issues of social justice (primarily housing and poverty) and my dream, despite never being in a beauty pageant, is world peace. My teaching method with advanced students is to be attentive to what interests them and having open readings and discussions in class. My favorite part of TINAU is everything - the style, the people (both staff and students), the mission, and the solidarity.


Leora Kreisman

Hebrew Teacher

I'm Leora (Lola). I live in Tel Aviv with my husband Daniel. I'm a singer-songwriter, vocal coach, yogi, and artist. My dream is to share my music with as many people as I can so it may brighten their day and bring them a little joy. I love learning in general, especially anything relating to self-improvement, human psychology, spirituality and the like. I'm a native English and Hebrew speaker, and have also studied French, Spanish and Arabic. My teaching style is a fun yet organized blend of speaking, grammer, songs, games and more. My favorite part of TINAU is that we have the best students!


Nattan Dobkin

Hebrew Teacher

My name is Nattan. I live in Berlin and Tel aviv. I have been teaching at TINAU for the past three years and I have over 15 years of experience teaching in general. I have a master in gender studies and B.Ed in directing theater. For the past ten years, I have been teaching performance arts in academic settings but my true love is working, playing and teaching Hebrew. As a teacher I'm focusing on different methods such as storytelling, creative writing or any other form that distracts the mind by having fun and being creative, while learning a new language and at the same time I love teaching content that is relatable to me such as queer history and theater. I really enjoy teaching at TINAU since it has its special quality that you can learn about israel in a critical way, while learning a language, and that it's formed as a non hierarchical cooperative.


Tslil Ushpiz

Hebrew Teacher

I live in Jaffa with Amir, my partner, and Carmi, our daughter. I have been working at TINAU almost full time since 2017, when the organization was officially established. I first joined that small (small!) team that managed TINAU and did the administrative work, while also teaching Hebrew classes. Over the years, my job has grown and while I still work in administration, I am also our graphic designer and website designer and operator. I have a degree in history and sociology, and the courses I teach tend to focus on society, gender, and politics in Israel, which are topics close to my heart. It is important to me that there is a safe atmosphere in the classroom, that the students feel comfortable talking and making mistakes. I am very careful to speak only in Hebrew during class and use a lot of hands and other visual aids to explain. If a word needs to be interpreted, I will first try to explain it in other words in Hebrew. When I teach a grammar topic, I like to relate it to something that is relevant to everyday conversations and situations and when dealing with thematic content, it is very important to me that there be a discussion and that everyone can say what they feel, think and know about the topic. TINAU for me is first of all a social framework and a home for my political and social agenda. I think there is a great contribution in learning a language through topics, especially those that lead to social and political involvement. Since I started teaching this way, it's hard for me to see myself doing it any other way. For me, this is not just a language school, it's a pleasant space that provides a real opportunity for everyone to share ideas in new languages.

תמונה לכזלא - Yasmin Rimer.jpg

Yasmin Rimer

Hebrew Teacher

I’ve been living in Jerusalem for the past 7 years and can't imagine myself in any other city. Finishing my masters in Gender studies, working as a facilitator for different group projects and teaching gender and sexuality in schools. In my free time I try to eat as much sushi as I can afford, dance to trashy pop music and go to protests (That I can handle as the timid and sensitive activist that I am:) In addition to being in the cooperative, I was also a teacher for several years at TINAU. My teaching style was a lot of discussion! I absolutely loved getting to know our amazing students, talking about real honest topics and making new friends and widening our community!

tjk headshot 1 - Tal Janner-Klausner.jpg

Tal Janner-Klausner

Hebrew Coordinator

For the last twelve years I’ve been working in Hebrew language instruction and curriculum development and I love it! As well as my role as the pedagogical coordinator for TINAU's Hebrew courses, I am a writer, consultant, and teacher trainer on topics such as linguistic justice, participatory pedagogy, and gender. I did an MA in Hebrew Language Pedagogy and a Teaching Certification in History, a CELTA certificate in English teaching, and a BA in History. I live in Jerusalem with my cat Izo. Outside of work, I enjoy creating Hebrew calligraphy art, cooking large meals, long distance hikes, and open water swimming. As a teacher, I hope to give students tools to be more autonomous, self-aware learners who can steer their own language learning journeys as well as being part of the community process of classroom education. This is a process students and teachers can enjoy being fully involved in - emotionally, intellectually, politically. My favorite part about TINAU is that I’m always learning- from our students and colleagues, or from researching new courses. I love how this is a supportive and kind work and learning environment.

IMG-20200223-WA0013 - Dana Melamed.jpg

Dana Melamed

Hebrew Teacher

I'm Dana. I live in Tel Aviv with my partner Danny and our cat Tuli. I'm a biology student and a climate change activist. I love nature and animals, and can tell you countless fun facts about them. I started teaching Hebrew when I worked with refugee’s kids in Tel Aviv. Teaching them opened my eyes to the importance of language and its role in self expression. My teaching style is to use a lot of games, and make the lessons fun and relevant. I like to give space to discussions and creativity.. I love the great variety of students we have at TINAU

WhatsApp Image 2023-01-22 at 12.59.47 - Gali Katsir.jpeg

Gali Katsir

Hebrew Teacher

My name is Gali and I am both a Hebrew teacher in TINAU and a speech therapy student at Ono Academic College. I discovered my love for languages ​​in Paris where I lived for two years and actually wore two hats: as a Hebrew teacher in schools and high schools around the city, and as a French student. When I returned to Israel I wanted to deepen my knowledge of Hebrew and languages ​​in general, so I began my bachelor's degree in linguistics at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Besides teaching and learning, I am a big fan of cinema, music (plays the violin) and flamenco. My teaching style is having good dialogues with my students, bringing lots of activities and basically having great fun! My favorite part of TINAU is diversity.


Matan Sandler

Hebrew Teacher

I live in Tel-Aviv, I have a PhD in Israeli history and apart from teaching I still work in research. For me teaching is not just work, it's a hobby. I also like to cook and I still enjoy exploring the city. For me the best way to acquire and master new vocabulary is by learning about something you are passionate about and interested in. Let's find what interests you, what is relevant to your life and learn the language through that. It's important to have a space where it's not only ok, it's encouraged to talk about the politics and history of this land. Learning Hebrew should be done in context and not as an ideological tool to strengthen Jewish supremacy.

RazBDV-Picture - Raz bdv.png


Hebrew Teacher

I'm a filmmaker living in Tel Aviv. My interests are different kinds of arts, and maybe I'm the last person that I know of, who is still listening to punk. I used to be an activist, mostly against Israeli apartheid, but now I'm really trying my best not to kill my houseplants and to channel my ideas through teaching and film making. My teaching style is very experimental and personal. I'm not the best student myself and I get bored very easily so also as a teacher I try my best to teach with different methods and be very versatile. What I like most about TINAU is the place, the staff, the students, the freedom to combine with support and guidance.In summation, everything.

Yara Gharable.jpeg

Yara Shahine Gharablé

Arabic Teacher

My Name is Yara Shahine Gharablé, from Yaffa, Ajami neighborhood, I am currently pursuing my master's degree in history. Love listening to music and exploring new things. My teaching style can be described hybrid, as I come from Yaffa and my teaching style is reflected in where I am from. I teach with a free style, not falling into dichotomies, in order to keep the learning environment open and challenging. My favorite thing about TINAU is that it is the closest to what you can call home. I love the coziness vibe so much!

IMG_20221017_040157_180 - Yazan Hidmi.jpg

Yazan Hidmi

Arabic Teacher

I'm a Palestinian from Jerusalem. I'm a language teacher studying linguistics and literature. My areas of interest are philosophy, literature, and languages. My hobbies include traveling, stargazing, reading, and watching movies. My dream in life is to be a successful author and lecturer.For beginners I focus on a strong basis in grammar and basic vocabulary, gradually immersing students in the language. At TINAU, the teaching staff are all nice and understanding. The hours are relaxed and the students are usually open-minded and invested.

20180328_195648 - Anna Zomb.jpg

Anna Zomb

Hebrew Teacher

I believe human connection is precious and I'm fascinated at the power of a language to bring people closer and create meaningful shared experiences. My name is Anna Zomb, I was born and raised in Eastern Europe and made my way to Israel in my early 20-s. My love of languages inspired me to study linguistics, and my love to play brought me to teach in This is Not an Ulpan. These days I can be found living happily in colorful Tel Aviv, cooking vegan, playing piano, exploring movement, enjoying outdoors and sharing my gifts with the world. My favorite band is ABBA, and my favorite line is: "May we all have a vision now and then Of a world where every neighbor is a friend". I like to teach with the intention of fostering exploration and curiosity. TINAU is a space where creativity is encouraged and community is nurtured. It is an inclusive, welcoming and supportive place to grow and make an impact.

1CFED7FF-4036-4F6F-A56B-CD89FFB2CE8B - DD Maoz דידי מעוז.jpeg

DD Maoz

English Teacher

I teach English at TINAU, working with students to foster confidence through addressing how access to English is inherently political, and our ability to tell our story as we choose is political as well. I am involved with struggles for social justice and am studying sociology and organizational development hoping to support organizations and movements doing important social justice work.

IMG-20230121-WA0032~4 - hameed khalaily.jpg

Hameed Khalaily

Arabic Teacher

My name is Hameed, I’ve lived in Jerusalem for the past 12 years and i’m interested in politics and sports. I like that we don't ignore socio-political realities, and that teachers are able to choose topics that interest them to talk about.

IMG_5410 - Michal I.jpg

Michal Israeli

Hebrew Teacher

I am a culture and fashion journalist and content writer with a horror movie addiction, a queer radical left activist and a cat mom. I have a BA and an MA in Communications and Cultural Studies. I like to encourage my students to debate, be curious and ask hard questions, while also losing the embarrassment that comes with learning a new language. Even native speakers make mistakes! Also, I guarantee a lot of laughs, I love our community - the students, the teachers, the co-op members and our political partners. TINAU seems to attract the best people around! I also love our approach to language learning and how we incorporate cultural, social and political issues in a safe space that makes us all grow together as humans and do good while we learn.

Rani Abdulhi.jpeg

Rani Abd El Hai

Arabic Teacher

I’m Rani Abd El Hai, 37, I live in Jaffa. I love the beach and think that it’s a great privilege to live within walking distance from it. I love to be outdoors and hang with friends. The past few years, I have been working to build a community with friends and manage an organization that centers around ending the occupation. My teaching style changes according to the needs of my students. I like to use all of the tools available such as songs, texts, slides etc. I love to explore and teach Palestinian culture through language. My favorite part of TINAU is the students and staff.

‏‏מנומדין 3 - עותק - yaron jackson.jpg

Yaron Abhar Jackson

Hebrew Teacher

I am a queer, Mizrahi Masorati (‘traditional jew’), living with my partner and with Josie, our gorgeous cat. I am a master’s student in law and political science and study at Bar-Ilan University’s Institute for Advanced Torah Studies. I am a former highschool teacher of biblical studies, community organizer, and a facilitator. I am a political activist, ‘tireless subversive’, lover of poetry and music- especially if they are political! My favorite fruit is figs, favorite spice is Hawayj (for coffee), favorite band is Pearl Jam, and favorite singer is Ahuva Ozeri. For me, it’s very important to create a safe and inclusive educational space, where all students can express themselves, experiment and take risks. Exposure to culture and political contexts, and active choices of what and how to learn, are an integral part of language acquisition. In learning Hebrew, actually creating a queer-friendly space is not always easy, but completely possible. Music and current affairs are always good tools to learn what is really important. My favorite thing about TINAU is first and foremost the students! We have the most fascinating, charming and inspiring students. TINAU has created a framework of a community that not only learns a language, but also from each other, focusing on learning a language for communication that creates intimacy , inclusivity and solidarity, challenging everything. We are a group of queers, feminists, activists, Jews and Palestiniens in a cooperative that teaches language in a political and critical way – what more do you need??

DSC_0449 - Yoel Taieb.jpg

Yoel Taieb

Hebrew Teacher

I'm Yoel, I'm a biology student at the Hebrew university, a Hebrew teacher, and a literary translator from French and English. I am generally curious, I like to read, learn languages, study politics, history, science and the arts. I live in Nachlaot with my boyfriend, and I am the step-dad of two pet rats. My classroom is a place for experiment, curiosity and hopefully joy. Learning a new language is not always easy, but I believe it should be fun and empowering. TINAU gives me the much-needed opportunity to explore the more radical and political parts of me as a teacher. Modern Hebrew is a language whose birth and evolution were so strongly political, and without approaching this aspect, its learning will be lacking in depth, in vertue but also in accuracy.

WhatsApp Image 2019-07-22 at 8.51.25 PM - Ayelet Zewi.jpeg

Ayelet Zewi

Hebrew Teacher

I’m Ayelet, I live in Haifa with my partner Nir and Elinor, our baby. I like teaching Hebrew and learning languages such as Arabic and French. I love doing crafts such as knitting, sewing, ceramics and I read a lot. I’m always interested in meeting new people and friends; I would love to open a place where you can trade and teach one another new things and use the knowledge/skills as a way of meeting different people and building interpersonal relationships. I like that there is an atmosphere of sharing and humor between the students and myself. Afterall, each class is a gathering of people with language as the tool to getting to know one another. Personally, I really like teaching grammar! But I’m also happy to be flexible with the needs of my students. My favorite thing about TINAU is the sharing and support between the teachers, the creativity and the space for all of them to teach the language within its political context and allow space for an open conversations about everything.

Dor Tadmor.jpg

Dor Tadmor

Hebrew Teacher

I am a proud Tel-Avivian, living in Florentine. Finishing my Master's in Urban planning at the Technion - focusing on spatial inequality, accessibility and connectivity. I’m interested in History, politics and Geography and, as the stereotype for a gay Tel-Avivan - love Eurovision and all it entails. Love to travel - domestically and abroad, love to read, run, and love new languages. I speak English, Hebrew, Portuguese, can mumble my way around Russian and Hungarian and am currently learning Arabic and Spanish. My role as a teacher is to make Hebrew accessible to my students. I try to ask students to question, rather than simply have the answer given to them. We learn through songs, original texts, social media content and much more.

Inbal Harel.jpeg

Inbal Harel

Hebrew Teacher

I’m an undergrad student at Hebrew U, studying PPE - an interdisciplinary program in Philosophy, Political Science and Economics. Living in Jerusalem which is wonderful and also crazy at times. I’ve been working with TINAU since the end of 2019, first as social media coordinator and later joining the Hebrew teaching staff. And I’m also a Co-op member! I’ve done lots of work over the years in informal education, in different and diverse spaces, as a counselor, a facilitator and a teacher. I feel very passionate about doing work focused on social justice. I love traveling around the world, meeting different people and their cultures. I love love love to cook and good food - basically if you give me a nice slice of good cheese you will automatically make my day. Also big on thrifting - most likely when you see me I'm wearing something I dug out of the 5 shekel bin. My teaching method is letting the students bring themselves into lessons as much as possible - what they want to learn and focus on. Speaking about all the cultural and political aspects that come about while learning a new language - it's the most beautiful way of really being part of the language you are learning. And bringing as many songs, stories, and news stories as possible into the lessons just to make them culturally connected and interesting- at least for me :) My favorite part of TINAU is working with exceptional colleagues who are actively working to make this world a better place. TINAU does not ignore the power dynamics in language which is done many a time in Israel-Palestine, but brings them into learning a new language.The students are amazing - come from so many different and interesting backgrounds that I want to learn from them maybe more than they want to learn from me.

Screen Shot 2022-10-29 at 21.31.46 - N-Nur Zahor.png

Naomi-Nur Zahor

Hebrew Teacher

My name is Naomi-Nur and what interests me is the connection between language teaching and activism. I believe in critical education. I am a musician and student of linguistics and Arabic language and fiction at the Hebrew University. I am currently living in Jerusalem but originally from the north.


Samira Dajani Budeiri

Arabic Teacher

I am Samira Dajani Budeiri, a Palestinian Jerusalemite born and raised in the neighbourhood of Sheikh Jarrah. I am a devoted wife, mother, and grandmother, and a passionate educator. After completing my education at Dar El Tifel school in Jerusalem, I underwent a mandatory 2-year advanced Arabic Language course in the Government Teachers House. I continued my advanced studies in Arabic Language and Literature at Beirut Arab University (BAU), where I graduated in 1971. Throughout my career, I worked as an Arabic teacher in several prominent Jerusalem schools from 1972 to 2003 before becoming an Arabic Academic Counsellor until 2008. For the past 14 years, I have taught Arabic as a second language at different levels, providing private lessons to hundreds of foreign nationals from different diplomatic missions, NGOs, public and private sector companies, and institutions in Jerusalem, supporting some all the way till their master’s and PhD degrees. As a resident of Sheikh Jarrah, I have witnessed the consecutive events of displacement of Palestinians, starting from the eviction of three families from the neighbourhood in 2009 to facing imminent eviction in 2021. This comes after a decades-long legal battle waged by ideological Zionist settlers against me and my neighbours.

IMG_6663 2 - ירון מישורי דרעי.HEIC

Yaron Mishori Dery

Hebrew Teacher

I live in Nakhalot with Tamar, my partner, and two cats - Cheshin and Mitzo. I currently study Tanakh and Hebrew language at University and teach at bible school. I love languages, TV series, books, and cinema. My teaching style involves a lot of active communication; I love when students ask questions about the language itself and I like that the Hebrew we’re teaching is relevant to the students’ lives. Additionally, I bring games and dialogue to the classroom. My favorite thing about TINAU is the pedagogical method where students are actively encouraged to express what they think early on in the learning process. I also love the students, their questions, and the atmosphere they bring to the classroom.

Meet The Staff


Noa Friehmann


I am Noa, a feminist & educator, living in Jaffa, with my 2 cats Lulu and Emilio. Since the summer of 2019 I’ve been proudly managing TINAU. I believe that education is a tool for social change and liberation. I challenge traditional power structures and aim to promote critical thinking, social justice, and equity in my classroom. By incorporating feminist principles into my teaching, I strive to create a safe and inclusive space for all students. I encourage my students to question societal norms and to challenge stereotypes and discrimination. My teaching style is characterized by active listening, empathy, and mutual respect, and I prioritize collaboration and community building in my classroom. Overall, I believe that a radical and feminist teaching style has the power to transform both the individual and the collective, and can contribute to a more just and equitable society. I believe education is the most significant tool for influencing society, which is why I have focused my activism in the field of educational-community tools. This is Not an Ulpan’s cooperative is a refreshing space that emphasizes the political importance of language in defining reality and identity, especially in the context of Israel and Palestine. By promoting multiculturalism and solidarity between different groups, the cooperative encourages active resistance to existing segregation and social structures. Creating connections and promoting empathy and active listening are essential for building strong and supportive communities. The cooperative offers a critical alternative to traditional language learning, enabling everyone to take part in the effort to achieve change. Through alternative content and critical pedagogy, the cooperative harnesses different audiences and sectors to create a space where individuals can act and integrate with each other in harmony and through a common language.


Carly Rosenthal

Community Manager

I grew up in Melbourne, Australia and moved to Israel-Palestine in 2018. I now live in Jaffa with my adorable dog Truffle. I’ve been a big fan of TINAU since the beginning and started working as the Community Manager in August 2022. I studied Linguistics and Arabic at the University of Melbourne and previously worked in experiential education, planning and leading multi-narrative tours in Israel-Palestine for Evangelical Christians from the U.S. I was also a madricha (youth leader) at Hashomer Hatzair, leading informal education about left-wing values and social justice in Melbourne. My role as Community Manager involves growing and strengthening the TINAU community through being there for students, teachers, co-op members and volunteers, outreach to partner organisations, planning community events and managing the courses. My favourite thing about TINAU is the space we create for learning in a radical way, in a fun and welcoming environment, with teachers and staff who are incredibly passionate about what we do. My interests other than language learning and radical lefty politics include reading on the beach, playing netball, Zumba and anything animal-related (ie. petting every dog in Tel Aviv).


Devon Spitzer

Digital Media Strategy

Hi, I'm Devon (she/her). I live with my partner and our cat, Ziggy, and dog, Checha. I'm a dedicated plant mom, avid reader, tv binger, and mediocre baker (sometimes i get really lucky!). Since January 2021, I have been the Digital Media Strategy person at TINAU, responsible for social media posts (not graphics!), paid advertisements, newsletters (yes, you can unsubscribe yourself at the bottom of the newsletter), and strategy evaluation. I joined TINAU as a student in December 2017 as a student in Tslil's Feminism in Israel course because I was looking to learn Hebrew without forced Zionism, which is often inherent in Israel-Palestine Hebrew education. I was yearning to learn the language to talk about realities on the ground, which were often seen as taboo, especially in formal educational settings. In 2018, I joined the cooperative. In 2019, I joined the team as digital media coordinator and the role grew over the years, as the team and I tried to re envision the way social media can be used as a feminist tool- to increase free collaboration with organizations, give space for marginalized voices, and use the platform as a tool for re-education. I love TINAU because I believe in the power of radical education as a tool for questioning societal inequalities. I have witnessed in myself an ideological shift being exposed to different perspectives from team members and partnerships as well as having the space to engage with topics in a non-hierarchical space.

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