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What's Going On in Sudan?

What's Going On In Sudan? Graphic


Twenty years ago, the people of Darfur rose against the oppression inflicted by Sudan's central government. This rebellion marked the beginning of a tragic chapter, characterized by war and genocide against non-Arab tribes. The Janjaweed militia, initially formed to suppress the uprising, emerged as a brutal force under the leadership of Himedti, with the backing of Omar ElBashir. Their atrocities included war crimes, ethnic cleansing, and genocide against Darfurians. Today, this same militia operates under the guise of the Rapid Support Forces (RSF), perpetuating violence in Sudan.

The Dire Situation in Sudan

Currently Sudan is experiencing a brutal civil war, causing a total civil collapse. The banks are not functioning and the economy has grinded to a halt. The schools and universities are shut down, and children and students are preoccupied with survival as all the infrastructures such as roads and shops are not operational. Over 7 million people are displaced, 10,000 people are dead and 18 million are in danger of starving. Even for a country which has known its fair share of wars and atrocities, these conditions are severe. 

Can’t trust Generals

This catastrophic state of affairs is the result of a failed power struggle between two generals. In 2019, the despot Omar al-Bashir was deposed after a civil uprising. A new provisional government was formed with a power sharing agreement between the military and civilian leadership. General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan was appointed as president while general Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, usually known as Himedti, was appointed as vice president. A year later, the two generals launched a coup against the civilian government, took all the power for themselves and shattered the hope for a democratic Sudan. 

A Messy Breakup

Tension was brewing between the two generals, and it was clear peace could not be sustained. AlBurhan holds control over the military while Himedti controls the vicious militia called the Rapid Support Forces (R.S.F), known for the atrocities they committed in Darfur. In April 2023 the R.S.F began attacking Sudanese military outposts, and since then the country was once again embroiled in a civil war. 





Symbol of a strong women, the name of a Nubian Queen.



“Just fall”, the most common chant, calling for the removal of Omar al-Bashir‘s decades-old leadership.

تسغوت باس

Tasgut bas

”Civilians”, referred to the success of civilian protests in forming a new government.



Freedom – peace – justice, the revolution is the choice of the people.

حرية - سلام - عدالة -الثورة خيار الشعب

Huriyya-Salām-ʿadāla, al-Thawra khayār al-shaʿab

Bring Hasan's sister and her children to safety

A Man
Hasan al-Haj

Hasan, a Sudanese activist and community leader, spent 12 years in Israel status-less after fleeing the Darfur wars, before recently relocating to Canada with his family for a life free from fear of deportation. Now, separated from his family for 20 years due to Sudan's war, he has the opportunity to bring his sister and her four children to Canada, and thus is raising funds for their travel and resettlement. Hasan and his partner, Sophie, beloved members of the TINAU community, have dedicated themselves to helping others, and now it is our chance to support them. Please consider contributing and spreading the word to help reunite Hasan's family. On March 24, 18:00 (TLV time), join the event "What’s Going on in Sudan?" to learn more about the situation directly from Hasan and donate to his campaign:

Join our online conversation with Hasan on Sunday, March 24th, to learn more on how to help this important cause:

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