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Food Aid for Ramadan Fundraiser

Food Aid for Ramadan graphic

This March, families all over the world will be observing Ramadan. For Palestinian communities in the West Bank, more specifically in Area C, this holy month is expected to be especially difficult.

Under the guise of the current war, the situation is dire. Settler violence is raging at an all-time high, emboldened by the state-backed armed militias that have caused many communities to flee, ultimately resulting in displacement, property loss and severed access to their lands in addition to destruction of water sources. Besides the fundamental injustice that this brings forth, all this directly impacts the ability of these shepherd and agricultural communities to maintain their livelihood, as well as others that rely on the now sparse Israeli work permits.

As the sacred period of Ramadan approaches, the communities face unique adversities. With food scarcity and rising prices, the traditional ingredients of Ramadan are especially costly. In these challenging times, maintaining the tradition of congregating with family members and commemorating Ramadan with dignity and abundance is crucial.

Our hope is to provide for approximately 500 families throughout the West Bank and East Jerusalem by raising 155,000 nis.

Some of the values that lie at the foundation of Ramadan are empathy and generosity, and we invite you to be part of this campaign and donate according to your ability as an opportunity to engage with these values ourselves.

In a time in which it seems like so many forces are working overtime to burn all bridges leading to a shared and just future, solidarity is the stubborn hope that we must grasp on to in order to get us through the flames and towards this future.


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