Tours In TLV Following The LGBTQ Community | 2nd Tour

  • Starts Oct 7
  • 150 Israeli new shekels
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An untold history; forgotten and excluded characters; struggles; changes in the community itself; Together we will mention and remember the solidarity and the successes. We will talk about important events and changes in the community over the years, with an emphasis on Tel Aviv, but not only. During the tours we will learn together and discuss the connection to other struggles and the LGBTQ struggle today. All tours will take place in the central and southern Tel Aviv area. First tour - 3.10, 18:30 - When did the LGBTQ community begin? Magnus Hirschfeld - Pre-Zionist LGBTQ in Mandatory Palestine - Orientalism and Imperialism. - Criminalization and non-criminalization of same-sex relationships. - LGBTQ identity before the 1960s - Cruising and dating in the 1960s Second tour - 7.10, 10:00 - Stonewall - Politicization of the community. - LGBTQ and homophobia - AIDS and murders in Haifa in the 80s-90s The trans community in Israel: - The first wave HaSkandalistiot, the reaction in the community. The second wave, the drag kings of Jerusalem. Today's queerness and trans community organizations. - QUEERING UP THE PLACE - The role of cafes and clubs Third tour - 14.10, 10:00 - Genderfication in Tel Aviv - The establishment of the LGBT association and Klaf - liberal versus radical LGBTQ - Struggle and organizations of Palestinian LGBTQ today - The mask parade in ‘74, and the first pride event in ‘93 - What is the role of drag and who is Bnot Pesia band. - 1998- Dana Intentional, Wigstock Riot and the first municipal pride parade. - The connection between the municipality and the community since ‘98 Pinkwashing


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This is not an Ulpan, Aharon Chelouche Lane, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel