Tour de Tel Aviv January 18 - March 22 | 30h

  • Starts Jan 18, 2022
  • 1,200 Israeli new shekels
  • Aharon Chelouche Lane


Come to discover the grey areas of the “white city”. In this interactive course we will learn about the city Tel Aviv-Jaffa and then we will go together on tours in Tel Aviv-Jaffa! This is a course for active learners who want to explore language, culture and history in the classroom and outside of it. During in-class lessons we will learn about an area of the city, we will go home and do our own independent and group research, and the next lesson we will take a tour of the area that we learned about. During the visit, students will have the opportunity to teach each other based on what they learned. In this way we will strengthen all aspects of communication in Hebrew: - Interpretive communication, through our own research-reading and through listening to each other’s presentations. - Interactive, through class discussions about socio-political issues. - Presentational, by teaching each other Jaffa, South Tel Aviv and the central bus station are some of the fascinating and multi-layered areas that we will explore and visit. Some of the topics we will cover include: the historical beginnings of Tel Aviv, gentrification, asylum seekers, art and architecture, important cultural and historical figures. This course is for learners who are beyond the basic conversational level and can communicate in Hebrew in the present and past tense and form their own sentences. In this course, you will get more creative and confident with the language and be able to communicate with more complexity about a range of topics in society and your daily life.


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  • This is not an Ulpan, Aharon Chelouche Lane, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel