Eat Ivrit - July 18 - September 19 | 30h

  • Starts Jul 18
  • 1,400 Israeli new shekels
  • Aharon Chelouche Lane


Want to defeat the feeling that talking in Hebrew is too hard and too scary? Come hungry for deliciousness and useful, everyday Hebrew! We will eat – and talk about what we eat - as a means of exploring various cuisines and cultures within Israel and as a means of learning how to express in words what we want, think, and feel. During the semester, we will focus on learning Hebrew grammar and vocab necessary for cooking/eating, and practice it via cooking lessons, role play, and a food tour in Tel Aviv. In addition, students will share dishes from their own families or countries of origin, while we talk about how food impacts society at large. Please note: students will be asked to bring the ingredients for the cooking. We’ll divide them up between us so it will be simple and cheap. Previous knowledge: - Ability to read and write in Hebrew (slowly is fine!) - Can navigate basic conversations in daily life, such as “small talk” questions and answers, numbers and describing your daily routine - Use of grammatical structures including: conjugating present tense and infinitive verbs; questions and answers, possession and other prepositions Learning outcomes: - Improve proficiency reading and writing without vowels - Ability to create longer and more complex sentences, to go “off script”, to communicate on a wider variety of topics and navigate more situations in daily life - Understanding and using more complex grammar - Beginning to talk about Israeli social issues and cultural topics


Contact Details

  • This is not an Ulpan, Aharon Chelouche Lane, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel