The Televised Revolution - June 5 - July 17 | 24h

  • Starts Jun 5
  • 990 Israeli new shekels
  • Online


If you look at Israel today, the media doesn’t seem very different from the rest of the world: multiple television channels, regional and national radio stations and of course an increasingly personalized content consumption done through streaming services. However, if you look carefully you can still see signs of the unique history of Israeli media, for instance- who runs the most popular radio station till this day. In this class we will explore major turning points in the history of media in Israel: from the rise of the first public television channel and into the internet age. We will learn about music, news broadcasts, soap operas and many more sorts of content that shaped Israeli society, and in turn were altered by it. If you are curious about media consumption or just like to understand what’s the deal with Israeli television – this is the course for you. ** This course is for learners who are beyond the basic conversational level and can communicate in Hebrew in the present and past tense and form their own sentences. In this course, you will get more creative and confident with the language and be able to communicate with more complexity about a range of topics in society and your daily life.


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