Shalom Ivrit 2 February 28 - April 20 | 48h

  • Starts Feb 28, 2022
  • 1,890 Israeli new shekels
  • Online


You’ve learned the basics of Hebrew, now let’s dive in and expand our knowledge. Shalom 2 is the second part of TINAU’s Beginner Hebrew course. We will continue to improve reading and writing skills, build confidence and communicative ability to talk about ourselves and other useful things in Hebrew as well as deepen our understanding of the grammatical structures of the language. Topics will include daily schedule and times of day, food, present tense and infinitive verbs in new verb groups, and much more. We will also leave space for you, our learners, to decide which topics are most interesting and relevant for you. Methods will be varied and interactive so that you will right away be using the Hebrew you learn, through games and vocab reviews, conversation practice, songs, stories, grammar sessions, listening activities, reading & writing tasks, and more! Previous knowledge: Basic ability to read and write in Hebrew letters Simple communicative skills and vocabulary for daily interactions, such as introducing yourself and making requests, with simple sentences or learned expressions Foundational grammatical structures, including: present tense, question words, prepositions & conjunctions (from, to, and etc), possession, noun-adjective agreement Learning outcomes: Greater proficiency and confidence reading and writing Hebrew in block (typing) and cursive (handwriting) letters, with and without vowels Increased communicative skills and vocabulary for navigating daily life, including “off-script” situations, basic conversations Use of grammatical structures including: present tense and infinitive verbs in a variety of verbal groups, prepositions, comparisons, time and frequency, אֶת (the direct object marker)


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This is not an Ulpan, Aharon Chelouche Lane, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel