Mizrahi Struggles - February 28 - April 18 | 24h

  • Starts Feb 28, 2022
  • 990 Israeli new shekels
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Who are the Mizrahim? What are they struggling for? Are there active struggles? While it is common to think of Israel/Palestine in connection to the political conflict between the two national movements, it is less known that from its early beginnings, the Zionist movement has been engaged in another ethnic conflict. In this course we will follow the history of the Ashkenazi-Mizrahi conflict by focusing on key moments of struggle and by identifying important turning points in this struggle. This course will zero in on ethnicity, socio-economics, representation, appropriation and activism. Gal Levy is a special guest teacher and a long-time Arabic student at TINAU. Gal Levy is a professor of Political Science, Sociology & Communication in Israel and the United States. Gal's master's dissertation is called, "“And Thanks to the Ashkenazim ...”: The Politics of Mizrahi Ethnicity in Israel" and his doctoral thesis, "Ethnicity and Education: Nation-Building, State-Formation, and the Construction of the Israeli Educational System".


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