Dikduk Bidyuk - July 19 - September 20 | 30h

  • Starts Jul 19
  • 1,200 Israeli new shekels
  • TBD, JLM


Come learn grammar in a creative, critical and fun way; This is Not an Ulpan’s way. In this course we will focus on the structures and patterns of Hebrew, to give us tools to understand and create with the language with greater accuracy, control and confidence - and some fun facts about Hebrew history thrown in too. Topics are flexible around the needs and interests of the learners, and will probably include: overview of the verb system in Hebrew including binyanim and sub-groups, future tense including tricky verb groups, prepositions (words that link together other words) and conjunctions (words that link together parts of the sentence), how and why new words were created in modern Hebrew. Whether verb tables make your head spin or calm you down, we will help you find your way through intermediate grammar, and combine the linguistic learning with interesting real-world examples from Israeli culture. Bring your questions and curiosity! ‎This course is suitable both for Beginner Plus students wanting to advance to Intermediate Levels, and for Intermediate level students wanting to strengthen their grammatical understanding. Previous knowledge: - Ability to read and write in Hebrew, with and without vowels - Can communicate in a variety of situations in daily life, make basic sentences - Use of grammatical structures including: conjugating present tense, past tense and infinitive verbs; questions and answers, possession and other prepositions Learning outcomes: - Improve proficiency reading and writing without vowels - Ability to create longer and more complex sentences, to go “off script”, to communicate on a wider variety of topics - Understanding and using more complex grammar


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This is not an Ulpan, Aharon Chelouche Lane, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel