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This course can no longer be booked.


Kadima Ivrit w/ Yonatan & Tal | 60h

  • Started Jul 14
  • From 2,800 Israeli new shekels
  • WBC - 22 Ein Rogel Street, JLM


*This course will be a combination of in-person (Sunday) and online lessons (Tuesday). Take your Hebrew to the next level! TINAU’s Beginner plus course has been designed for those who have recently started their Hebrew journey. Therefore if you just finished a Beginners Ulpan (whether it was with TINAU or somewhere else) , if you know your aleph- bet but not your binyanim (verbal forms), if you can introduce yourself a bit but can’t explain your life’s passions, if you want to build speaking ability whilst getting to grips with grammatical nuts and bolts, this course is for you! Classes will be dynamic and creative: with songs, and games you’ll be getting out of your chairs and (gently) out of your comfort zone. We’ll start with practical everyday situations and move on to some of Tel Aviv’s cultural and political issues. We’ll study texts written by other learners and write our own. The course will adapt around your interests – whether that’s working out what your downstairs neighbors are arguing about, what the soldiers at the checkpoint are saying to you, or how to smoothly compliment someone on their new outfit. Come join us for this journey! Previous knowledge: - Ability to read and write in Hebrew (slowly is fine!) - Can navigate basic conversations in daily life, such as “small talk” questions and answers, numbers and describing your daily routine - Use of grammatical structures including: conjugating present tense and infinitive verbs; questions and answers, possession and other prepositions Learning outcomes: - Improve proficiency reading and writing without vowels - Ability to create longer and more complex sentences, to go “off script”, to communicate on a wider variety of topics and navigate more situations in daily life - Understanding and using more complex grammar - Beginning to talk about Israeli social issues and cultural topics *** Regular Price - 2600 NIS - Until 07/07 Late Price - 2800 NIS - Until first lesson of the course


Contact Details

+972 (0)54-234-0068

3rd Floor This is not an Ulpan, Aharon Chelouche Lane, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

Cancellation Policy

Weekly courses: Up to seven working days before the course begins you can cancel upon paying 250 NIS cancellation fee. If you cancel within seven working days before the course begins till one day before the first lesson, you receive an 80% refund. If you cancel within one day before the first lesson till the second lesson of the course, you get a 40% refund. After the second lesson of the course, you are not eligible for a refund. ​ Intensive Courses: If a student wishes to cancel their participation, they must notify This is Not an Ulpan by email within two weeks of registration and no less than seven working days before the course begins. We do not give refunds if not cancelled within this time frame. A fee of 200 NIS will be charged for any cancellation. Private lessons: A package of private lessons is valid for one year. After buying a package of private lessons, there will be no refund in case of cancellations. Notification of a cancelled or postponed lesson must be 24 hours before the time of the lesson. If notification of a cancelled or postponed lesson is given less than 24 hours in advance, the lesson will be charged in full. Sham Ze Lo Ulpan courses (organizations): A lot of administrative and pedagogical work goes into creating material and finding teachers for off-site, specialized courses. Thus, the cancellation policy is as follows: Two weeks before the course begins- no charge of cancellation. Within the two weeks prior to a course beginning- 20% fee upon cancellation. Once the course starts - full payment of course.

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