INTER. TLV | Immigration in Israel

October 21 - December 23 / 30h

  • Starts Oct 21
  • 1,200 Israeli new shekels

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Officially Israel has no immigration plan. The only law concerning immigration is the “Law of Return”, which guarantees a right for citizenship to Jews. Jews coming to Israel are viewed as people who “return” home, not like regular immigrants. Of course, Israel always had non-Jewish immigrants and the Jews who came here were indeed immigrants, dealing with all the usual challenges this status entails. In this class we will discuss the ways immigration is seen in Israel, in the past and today. We will learn about notable immigrant communities and how each one of them helped shape the Israeli mosaic. To do so we will peek into archives and see what politicians had to say, we'll read newspapers of the time and look at movies and television shows made. And most important, we will share our own immigration stories and see how they fit into the big narrative of Israeli immigration. This course is for learners who are beyond the basic conversational level and can communicate in Hebrew in the present and past tense and form their own sentences. In this course, you will get more creative and confident with the language and be able to communicate with more complexity about a range of topics in society and your daily life. You will finish this course after you acquire new vocabulary and tools, and most importantly the ability to improvise in Hebrew during conversations and express your already founded knowledge in Hebrew much better.

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