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The Hasbara Factory January 11 - March 14 | 30h

  • Starts Jan 11, 2024
  • From 1,200 Israeli new shekels
  • This Is Not An Ulpan

Available spots


What is “Hasbara”? The term translates to “explaining”, and while Israeli government and officials define it as communicative efforts of public diplomacy, many people in Israel and around the world consider it to be a euphemism for propaganda. In this class, we will look back at the origin of the term, dissect Hasbara texts (the good, the bad and the lies), dismantle some of the myths being perpetuated by Hasbara, get to know key figures involved in Hasbara both officially and unofficially and zoom in on the Hasbara efforts during the current war and how the Israeli public is taking part of it, This course will seek to understand the mentality of hasbara, the different forms of use(social media, advocacy groups in Israel and abroad, and from lip to ear), and it's use in media/street art/ and general aspects of Israeli society *** Early Bird Prices Start at - 1200 NIS - Until 10/12 Regular Price Start at - 1300 NIS - Until 31/12 Late Price Starts at - 1400 NIS - Until first lesson of the course We have made a small change in our pricing structure and are now offering a sliding scale in order to give you the opportunity to donate 100 or 200 shekels when you buy a course. This money will go toward the TINAU scholarship fund and emergency support for TINAU.


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  • This is not an Ulpan, Aharon Chelouche Lane, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel


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