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Water for the Shepherds Fundraiser


Life for Palestinian shepherd communities in the West Bank is becoming increasingly untenable. 

Many Palestinians have been killed since October 7, and villages are being evacuated due to illegal settler attacks. 

For 7 years the Jordan Valley Activists (JVA) have been supporting Palestinian shepherd communities in the Jordan Valley, in the occupied Palestinian territories. The JVA are a group of Israeli and international activists who build deep relationships with Palestinian villagers, assist shepherds in their herding activities, provide a protective presence against settler violence and military oppression, and more. 

Alongside abuse and dispossession, we are raising awareness of the extreme cost of water for the Palestinian shepherd communities - a basic resource denied by the Israeli state - that is very costly and hard to obtain. 

We are calling on the international community to assist in subsiding the cost of water for 20 shepherd families for a year. Please donate to the fundraiser:


in collaboration with:

Rabbis for Human Rights  

Zochrot / זוכרות / ذاكرات 

Psychoactive פסיכואקטיב سايكواكتيف 

This is Not an Ulpan  

רֵעְַךָ כָּמוֹךָ - مِثْلَكْ مِثِلْ غِيرَكْ 

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